Who’s Agrincala For?

The acronym Agrincala refers to the Asociacicón de gringas casadas con latinos.  It’s an association that is meant to be as inclusive as possible.  So let me offer several explanations or caveats here:

* In the first place, this is by no means a space exclusively for married folk.  Juan and I just happen to be married.  And indeed, marriage adds a whole other dimension to the gringa-latino relationship.  So, of course, do dating or divorced relationships, or non-wed unions and partnerships.  Since we’re married, it’s the only perspective into which we can truly provide insight.  But we verrrrry much welcome YOUR insight on YOUR particular relationship.  And, for the singles out there who may be attracted to latinos or Latin American culture or Latin America in general, YOU are also very very welcome here.  For you, maybe the acronym can mean gringas cautivadas (captivated!) de latinos.  =)

* Secondly, yes, the subtitle says gringas casadas con latinos.  Again though, please consider this name to be fluid.  For gringos and latinas out there who are casados or cautivados with each other, hopefully YOU’ll join the community as well, and find something useful in it.  It’s just that I’m a gringa, and most people I know also fit the gringa-latino dynamic, and so it’s the only perspective I can truly share.  But the point is, the name of this association is really gring@s casad@s con latin@s.  That is quite a mouthful however, so we’ll stick with the abbreviation, Agrincala.  Wootawoot for gender-neutral language!

* Next, “gringos” I do not consider a disparaging term, nor exclusive to people from the US.  French and Australian and so many other people in relationships with latinos or Latin Americans may encounter similar experiences.

* Likewise, the term “latinos” I’m using as broadly as “gringos.”  I use it to refer to people with Latin American roots, while also recognizing the loads of diversity that exist amongst people who live in Latin America, or have immigrated elsewhere, or were born in the States.

* And finally, differentiating between the gringa and the latino is meant to highlight different cultural backgrounds.  The point of this association is to learn from one another’s cross-cultural relationships.  It is not meant to draw a division between two “others,” but rather to learn to understand each other better.   Nor is it meant to highlight race, although ignoring the question of race and ethnicity would be to squelch an important conversation.  Hopefully, we’ll talk about some hard topics in an insightful and open way.

That’s it in a nutshell:  let’s celebrate and talk honestly about our diversity.  Let’s celebrate the richness of our relationships.

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