Jenny & Juan

About Jenny. (Written by Juan.)
Jenny “JJ” Johnson es una mujer que ante todo tiene un gran Corazón, afectuosa y romántica, comprensiva y con una gran intuición. Es diligente y perseverante y por lo tanto , persigue siempre lo mejor.  Le gusta la comida y vida saludable, por lo que siempre tenemos diversión cocinando nuevas y saludables recetas (ya que a ambos nos encanta cocinar y comer bien!) , además le gusta practicar Yoga, amante de la naturaleza (la montaña en particular) es una excelente compañía para una caminata por la tarde, conversar acerca de temas profundos de la vida y compartir un vino y nutella a la luz de las velas, y por si fuera poco , She is super Hot!, with her blond hair, green ,big and shining eyes, a perfect mouth and courvy body….what else could a latin man like me want in a woman?

About Juan. (Written by Jenny.)
Juan is a vibrant, enthusiastic Salvadoran man whose energy and optimism are contagious.  He is also dashingly good-looking, with warm nutmeg skin and strong shoulders.  When we walked 500 miles across Spain together, he carried my water and put up with my moodiness the whole way – now that’s love.  With resilience and more than a bit of pluck, Juan quickly adapts to new situations and environments (case in point: he intrepidly welcomed Minnesota winters!).  An Industrial Engineer by background, he is currently managing our cafe-lounge, Lima/Limón, and doing an excellent job.  Since he’s naturally charismatic and incredibly hardworking, there’s no doubt he’ll encounter success in this and any endeavor.  So if you want to visit a cool restaurant in San Salvador, he’s your man!  And I sure feel lucky he’s mine.

Some interesting tidbits about:
Jenny                                                                                  and                                                                          Juan

Most breathtaking vista they’ve seen:

The dry desert mountains of Salta, Argentina                                       Greeting the dawn in Lago Ilopango,
(aka the Land Before Time)                                                     with the sun rising over Volcán Chinchontepec

Biggest pet peeve:

White faces.  Not the gringo kind, but like,                                                        Disorder.  Like, dirty kitchens.
mimes.  And geishas.  And clowns.  Ew.

Favorite quirk about the other:

The way he plays with his feet like a puppy.                                         The way she eats and enjoys her food.

Pet name:

Mi peluchita                                                                                                                                                          Juanoso

Likes most about spouse’s home country:

The volcano overlooking San Salvador.                                                                  Being able to bike anywhere!

Misses most from home country:

Snow! And front yards. And Target.                                                                                                           The beach.

…and of course family and friends.
Big hugs to you all, from both of us!

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