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Posted on June 8, 2013


Mangos Humberto Rivas

Ah, mango season. There’s nothing quite like it.

We’re lucky enough to have several mango trees in our yard, as well as in-laws who grant us truckloads of mangos (literally). All this mangoey goodness is a thrilling rush. The dilemma is, the mangos come all at once, and then the season is over pretty quickly! If you, too live in a tropical climate and have mangos coming out your ears, below are some favorite recipes.

If you’re in a cooler climate, never fear – this time of year is when you’ll probably be getting the juiciest mangos in the supermarket, too. I wouldn’t waste a gazillion-dollar mango on muffins, though … you guys just chill it in the fridge,  slice it, and enjoy it straight up!

Paletas de Mango:

Mango popsiclesMango popsicles are super easy. Since mangos are so naturally sweet, you don’t even need to add sugar.

1. First, make refresco de mango:

  • Peel and slice about 3 cups of very ripe mango (mango maduro*).
  • Add to a blender with 1 cup of water, and blend til smooth!

With these proportions, you should have a pretty thick liquid, somewhere actually between the consistency of a normal refresco (juice) and a smoothie.

2. Taste your fresco. If you had a good, ripe mango, you should need no sweetener. But IF your refresco tastes bland, add some honey or simple syrup (equal parts brown sugar to water, heated in a saucepan til sugar dissolves) to the blend until it’s to your liking. If the refresco tastes good, the paletas will taste good.

3. Pour into a popsicle mold — leaving 1/4 inch at the top for expansion — and freeze for 5 hours. In the absence of a mold, pour refresco into 2-oz shot glasses or dixie cups, let freeze for an hour, then invert half a chopstick into the mix and freeze for 4 more hours.

4. Enjoy! If you have any leftover refresco, just drink it: yum.

Mango Muffins:

I found a delightful recipe here. A few notes:

  • For the mango puree, you’ll want a very ripe mango (mango maduro*).
  • For the diced mango, a slightly less ripe mango gives more texture (mango sazón*).
  • Personally, I used the author’s options for egg, milk (a little less than 1/4 cup), and unsweetened shredded coconut, and the muffins turned out delish. They also freeze well.

Mango Pancakes:

Two of my favorite things: pancakes and mangos. This recipe worked well for me. A few notes:

  • In the future, I’d make not only the mango puree, but also add some small-diced mango to the mix.
  • If your mangos aren’t super ripe, add a wee bit of sweetener (say, 2 Tbs honey or brown sugar).
  • Definitely serve with fresh mango sliced or diced on top of your pancake stack, so that magical mango flavor doesn’t get “lost.”

Mmmmango! Enjoy!

* A note on mango sazón vs. mango maduro. Sazón means ripe, but in the “just ripe” sense; these mangos still have a bit of firmness. Mangos maduros are very ripe, the juicy squishy kind that fall apart in your hand as you slice them. Mangos maduros are super sweet – if you use these in a recipe, you don’t need additional sugar. With mangos sazones it’s a toss up.

A mango about the size of my head.

A mango about the size of my head. That tree behind me also yields avocados about the size of my head.

Images: 1. “Mangos Sazón” by Salvadoran Artist Humberto Rivas. / 2.

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