Posted on November 25, 2011


Yesterday was Thanksgiving, and today Black Friday.  Do you find these two days to be filled with such odd, trippy juxtapositions, as I do?  For me, they possess a slight twilight-zoney vibe that always sets me ruminating.  I think the obvious juxtaposition is to frame Thanksgiving as the good cop and Black Friday as the bad guy.  In reality though, what I think is so interesting is how reality BOTH days are full of positive and negative implications, full of paradoxical juxtapositions and drastically differing ideologies sitting side-by-side (not unlike, I suppose, ardent conservatives and liberals at the same family table).  On the one hand we have gratefulness, sharing, giving and receiving, and on the other we have gluttony and its henchmen, waste and exhaustion.

It’s nice to be reminded, then, to focus on the former.  To consider how lovely food is, what a delight it is to eat and share and come together, to cross cultural difference, to exchange experiences, to try something new, to teach and to learn, to partake in life.  This video helps me do just that.  It also gives me a serious case of wanderlust.

Mmm, buen provecho!