Martes = Micheladas

Posted on July 27, 2011


Yesterday I had great plans to write a heartfelt post on Facundo Cabral and so continue with the Troubadour Tuesday series as promised.

But, it was just TOO HOT.  I didn’t feel like writing.  I felt like drinking.  Drinking an ice-cold michelada to stave off the heat.

I meant to snap a pic of the full glass -- but I drank it too quick, OOPS 😉

And so I pass along this non-recipe recipe to you, perhaps serving as inspiration for a “why-hadn’t-I-thought-of-that” perfect solution to beat the sweltering-afternoon blues or enjoy a happy hour at home.  After all, I hear there’s a heat wave sweeping the States as well.  Isn’t it about time to refresh yourself?  Try this cool summery drink on for size.


Mix the following ingredients together in a small cup or bowl.  Quantities are purposefully non-specific, as you have to find your own taste — more or less spicy, more or less tomato, with or without OJ.  Just run with it: let out your latin go-with-the-flow side and simply tweak the amounts until you find your best personal mix.

juice of a limón
2 dashes of Worchestershire sauce
dash of salsa picante (Valentina makes a sweeter cocktail, Tabasco more acidic)
a bit of tomato juice (optional)
a dash of orange juice (optional)
pinch of salt n peppa

Now, rim a chilled beer glass with coarse salt.  (Do this by spreading salt on a plate, then rubbing the wedge of your juiced limón around the mouth of the glass, then tipping the glass upside down and dipping the mouth in the salt).

Fill the glass up with ice cubes (half way, all the way, however you feel).

Add the michelada mix from above to the glass.

Top off the glass with beer.  A light lager works best.  As you’ll see in the pic, my cerveza of choice here in El Salvador is Suprema.  Elsewhere, a Corona will probably put you in the right mood for sipping this tropicalish treat.

Garnish with that wedge of limón, stir with your straw, sip and enjoy!

Qué rrrrriiiiiico.  For additional reading, here’s what a NY Times Mag article from last summer has to say on micheladas, plus some pretty photos thereof.  Mm.

This is me attempting to wink. But it's also how your face may look if you make your michelada too sour. Should that happen, no worries - just add more beeria to tone it down!

Hey, now that I think about it, miércoles also = micheladas.  Happy hour here I come.  Cheers!

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