Today is still forever.

Posted on July 15, 2011


"Homenaje a Antonio Machado," by Joan Miró

Speaking of Antonio Machado,I thought I would leave you with some of his meditations as you enter the weekend.

Everyone should know at least a little bit about Machado, a central figure in the famous Generación del ’98 (that is, 1898 –the Spanish-American War).  This was a literary school of composed of Spanish intellectuals that criticized the political climate of the time and reflected on the best path for society.

Machado himself wrote, in a rather romanticizing manner, of the beauty of the Spanish countryside, particularly the rolling fields of Castilla.  He penned musings on life through equally rolling, contemplative poems and proverbs.

More on the rolling fields of Castilla to come next week.  For now, I’ll share with you a few of these proverbios offering some wistful mind play.

Appropriate for a blog on relationships:

Poned atención: un corazón solitario no es un corazón.

Touching on the subject of dreams, which we’ve discussed lately:

Si es bueno vivir, todavía es mejor soñar, y lo mejor de todo, despertar.

A verse relevant to starting a new job as a non-profit fundraiser:

Moneda que está en la mano, / tal vez se deba guardar. / La monedita del alma / se pierde si no se da.

And last but not least, Machado´s emblematic enigma.  This pithy little phrase causes my mind ponder circularly in the way a chiasmus often does.

Hoy es siempre todavía.

Well think on that twice.  Take advantage of today still being forever, and have a weekend full of living, dreaming, and awaking!

Sevilla Sunrise

Cover image: Sevilla Sunrise

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