A Bit of Trivia

Posted on June 17, 2011


Here’s a fun fact to liven up your Friday:

What are the two words in Spanish that utilize ALL vowels ONCE?  (i.e., all vowels are used, but none are repeated).




Scroll down for the answer.





Haven’t thought of ’em?  Okay, a couple hints:

The Dark Knight Ohmy what a cute koala



And the words are… (drumroll please): 


Get it?  Because Christian Bale is BATman (plus maybe we just all needed to see a pic of Christian Bale) and Koalas eat nothing but eucalyptus.  Plus that one there is awful darn cute.

I thought of this trivia because driving home last night in a dense downpour of the of Salvadoran rainy season, as I entered the tree-lined street to my neighborhood a wall of eucalyptus scent hit me — even penetrating the car windows so that I had to roll them down and pause the car just to take it in.  What an odd and luxurious aroma:  It’s so intensely relaxing that it nearly punches you in the face with peace.  Apparently a good soaking brings out the strengths of the scent.  At any rate, eucalyptus is on my mind.

If you don’t have the privilege of being surrounded by eucalyptus trees, I strongly recommend investing in a simple $5 bottle of eucalyptus essential oil from your local health foods store. Mm, fresh. I don’t recall exactly when my love affair with eucalyptus began, but walking for days through miles upon miles of Galician eucalyptus forest in northern Spain last summer definitely sealed it.  Of course we are all drawn to distinct scents — some people identify with florals, others with citrusy scents or herbal hues.  But then there are certain things we all agree on:  Lavender is soothing.  Mint refreshes.  Frankincense mystifies.  Ginger energizes.  Sandalwood awakens your spiritual side.  And eucalyptus?  *in-love sigh*  It does all of the above.   I am amazed by how it immediately calms you, but simultaneously infuses you with a radiating energy.  Like a good meditation session, or eating a healthy meal.  It saturates your being with deep relaxation, which in turn clears you out, fills you up, and then opens you up with a fresh and renewed energy that emanates out your very pores.  Sprinkle a few drops in your bath, dab a fingertip-full onto the back of your neck, or spray it on your pillow, and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Well, I hope you enjoy the newfound trivia knowledge.  Woohoo murciélago and eucalipto.  Beyond that, I hope you delight in a weekend brimming over with a vibrant, filling, energizing calm.

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