The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Posted on April 25, 2011


The purpose of Agrincala is to nurture healthy gringa-latino relationships.  As we’ve mentioned, there are many “particular, unique issues” that couples in this type of relationship face — some delightful, others more difficult.  But what kinds of experiences do we mean exactly?  It’s beneficial to consider:  What factors make gringa-latino relationships difficult?  And what make gringa-latino relationships successful?  By brainstorming a list of positives and negatives associated with the gringa-latino couple, we may be able to start seeing patterns, start noticing positive actions we could take to strengthen our own relationships.  So we can make the goods better and deal with the bads and the uglies effectively.

Almost all relationship experts say the best way to improve a relationship is to focus on the good.  In that vein, let’s first consider the many benefits that the gringa-latino relationship offers:

The Good

— The diversity & richness of sharing cultures
— Establishing new traditions
— Growing in different cultural characteristics
— Bilinguality (yes, that’s a word)
— Always having a warm travel destination
— Romance!
— Physical attraction
— Beautiful babies 😉

And now to get the negatives out there in the open.  These aren’t to say that we have vulnerable relationships.  It means we recognize our relationships come with some built-in generalizations or dilemmas, and it means we are proactively trying to deal with them before they become problems.  We’ve got to talk about this stuff!

The Bad and The Ugly

— Immigration messes
— Language / communication barriers
— Adjusting to different ways of living
— Cultural, religious, or socio-economic differences
— Families & friends living far away
— Moving, moving, moving: and decisions of where to live
— Both spouses never quite feeling at home
— Machismo

Well, that’s a start, but by no means an exhaustive list.  What ideas or issues come to your mind?  What are you most interested in discussing?  Feel free to leave your thoughts in a comment below!

Each week, I’ll try to tackle one of these themes, offering what insight I may have.  Since I’m no expert on this though, I appreciate your input!   Together, let’s think of how to make the gringa-latino relationship work well.  =)

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