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Organizing Principles

April 2, 2012


Spring, as we know, represents renewal and new life on both the physical and figurative level.  It’s a transition period not only for the earth but also for ourselves.  Last year, transition meant for me the initiation of new projects and pursuing exciting dreams.  This year my spring transitioning is taking on the form of […]

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Jump, Jump.

February 24, 2012


Speaking of taking jumps to play with your life, here’s some visual inspiration along similar lines: I’m not sure I’m entirely down with the “forgetting the rest” part. Nonetheless, the idea of taking a plunge to do what you love is a point well taken. I conceive of it in terms of letting go of […]

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Play with your Life.

February 21, 2012


While he’s always enjoyed great critical acclaim, it’s Almodóvar‘s repertoire from 1999 onward that has received more popular success, starting with All About my Mother and including other truly great films such as Talk to Her, Volver, and recently La Piel que Habito. Personally though, I love Almodóvar’s work from the 80’s best. It was shocking, rebellious, cutting edge. Or as the renowned film critic Pauline Kael said, “[Almodóvar] reactivates the clichés […]